As Salaamu Alaikum

The Muslim community is known as the ummah,
The ways and actions of Mohammad that we follow is called the sunnah,
Jihad can be a holy war but it really means struggle,
Some people think it’s bad because they live in a bubble,
Instead of getting educated they just believe what they hear,
And watch the lies on tv that leave them in fear,
If I believed everything I heard I’d be no smarter than a bird,
That says “Polly wants a cracker” just repeating the words,
But since my intelligence is fresh: the smell of mints,
Allah blessed me with this gift so I’m tellin’ ‘em this:
Belief in One God is tawhid, the only relevance!
I hold regard for nothing but the Noble Qur’an,
I love Allah, the whole ummah, and my beautiful mom,
So I sat to write this verse to tell you all salaam!
Islam is based on the five pillars that I name in this verse,
The testimony of a Muslim, the shahada is first,
We believe in One God, Muhammed’s His Messenger,
The second pillar’s what we call salaat,
That’s praying 5 times a day to the one and only God,
The 3rd pillar that we’ve got is known as zakat,
That’s the charity we give like puttin money in the pot,
Next is hajj–going to Mecca as pilgrims,
To pray in the mosques, the believers always fill ‘em,
The last pillar is fasting during Ramadan,
No eating from sun-up til the night when it’s gone,
That 5th pillar is known as sawm~
Allah curse the evil forces telling lies about Islam,
True Muslims among each other is love, peace, and is calm,
I’ll sacrifice my life so other Muslims can live,
If what I’ve got they want, then it’s something to give,
Our sisters don’t show their bodies because they’re strong and proud,
They might not speak to you but their actions are loud,
Even in western where they don’t wear it by force, You’ll see sisters everywhere taking the Islamic course,
Of action so their actions plainly show what they feel,
And there’s no regime here to force them so you know that it’s real,
You’re not worthy to witness the beauty they conceal,
If you want to know true beauty, it’s already revealed,
In the Qur’an and ahadith so go follow the sunnah,
And take it all in like you’re swallowin tuna! 😛

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